What Makes Us Different?

The main thing that makes Success Tutoring different is the approach all of our tutors use when tutoring.  The approach used at Success Tutoring is one of helping students to gain a working knowledge of the material they study.  That means that they should be able to think with the material, reason with it and should be able to apply it.  This is different from simply helping students to memorize material for a specific test.  If one memorizes only, one can easily forget the material.  However, if one really understands something studied, it is not quickly forgotten and the student should be able to use it or apply it in some capacity in real life.  

Knowledge is for use.

“Thank you so much for all the work you do with my daughter.  I appreciate your patience with her and all of the encouragement you give.  It has made a difference in her work ethic when it comes to math.  Even her teacher has commented on how she is more confident in class.  Thank you!” 

Mother of 4th grade student - What Parents Say

"Thank you for helping me in Physics.  I don't think I'd ever understand it, if it weren't for you.  I hope you're ready for another whole semester of this! :-)"

11th grade student, AP Physics - What Students Say