What do students say?

“I don't know what I would do without my tutor.  She is so helpful.  She helps me with math and English.  My tutor helps me practice what I need to do and to get ahead.  Sometimes we work on vocab and on my high school placement test.  She lets me choose what to work on and she helps me with any subject.  She is so nice and sweet.  She is the best tutor ever!”


8th grade student, Math and English

“Thank you so much for having been such a great tutor. You helped me out a lot in physics, organic chem and calculus. Two of those subjects are prerequisites for dental school and with your help I did very well in. I would also like to share with you some wonderful news. I just graduated from CSU in this last spring with a degree in biology. This fall I will be attending my dream school of USC School of Dentistry. Once again thank you for everything. ”


College student - Pre-Dental School

“My tutor has helped me understand physics a lot.  He is always a great help and answers all my questions in great detail.  He is always in a good mood when helping me with homework and studying and is getting me where I need to be in physics.  I just want to tell him thank you for the help and support.”


11th grade student, Physics

“To all the tutors that have helped me: Thank you so much. I know it is likely that many people have said it before but without your help it is likely I would have given up on Geometry. Thank you so much for helping me this school year and I look forward to you helping me in the future. Thank you.”


8th grade student, Geometry

“My tutor has been a huge part helping me finish both of my Apex classes and I'm so glad I started coming here for tutoring. My Spanish tutor has helped me understand and pick up the Spanish language better and faster than the teachers who have taught my classes for the past three school years. She is very patient, which can be difficult with someone like me, but she helps me push through until I understand the material. ”


11th grade student, English and Spanish

“I can't tell you how much you've helped me over the past years.  I've never been the best at math but because of you, my math grades are usually one of my higher grades.  I can't believe I've been with you since middle school and now I'm about to graduate, it’s crazy!  Thank you so much for sticking with me since middle school.”


11th grade student, Math and English

“I'd like to thank you for the past two years for helping me in math. You've made me a smarter individual and a kinder person in general. I thank you for helping me keep my grades steady. I am forever in your debt and hope that you can stay to be my tutor until I graduate. ”


9th grade student, Geometry

“You have helped me so much I am so grateful to have you as my tutor.  Thank you for helping me get through Geometry and for helping me get through Algebra 2.  You are the best tutor I have ever had. You are actually the only tutor that I have ever understood and learned something from.  Also thank you for helping me with SAT Prep, because I really needed it and it helped a lot.  Anyways thank you so much for all that you do. ”


12th grade student, Algebra 2

“My tutor has helped me understand many of the confusing concepts of Algebra 2 taught in school.  My math grade has started to go up and I now understand the concepts.  My tutor is very friendly and always makes sure I understand before moving on.  Thanks a bunch.”


11th grade student, Algebra 2

“My tutor has helped me so much with Geometry!  Ever since having him as a tutor, I have been able to comprehend topics so much better and grasp concepts a lot better.  He is so great at explaining topics to me and I am so so so grateful!”


10th grade, Geometry

“My tutor has been so nice and so helpful.  She has helped me so much.  She helped me with homework or with questions that I have.  She helps me with spelling and so much more.  I think she is the best tutor ever.  I recommend her for any kids!”


4th grade student, English, Reading, Math

“Thank you so much for being my tutor. You have helped me overcome many obstacles that I faced in school. You inspire me everyday to do better and work harder. Thank you for dedicating your time to helping me achieve my goals and to make me a better student. ”


8th grade student, Math

“With your help, I have been able to succeed in my classes and improve my score on the SAT. Without your support and guidance none of this would be possible.  Thanks for all of your help over the past year.”


11th grade student, SAT Prep

“Thank you to my Spanish tutor for being there when I needed you.  Without you, I would not be getting a good grade in Spanish.  Thanks so much.”


10th grade student, Spanish 1

“I like that my tutor helps me sound out words in reading.  She is very nice and helpful.  I love my tutor very very much.”


6th grade student, Math and English

“Thank you for helping me through one of the hardest chapters!  I can’t wait to learn more from you!”


10th grade, Chemistry

“My tutor has taught me so much about math and got me ahead of the class and has brought me a new love for math.”


10th grade student, Algebra 1

“Thank you so much for all the help.  I have seen a huge improvement within myself, and it's all thanks to you!”


10th grade student, Spanish 1