What do parents say?

"I feel extremely fortunate to have found success tutoring for my daughters.  We started here close to a year ago when my oldest was having some difficulties with math. Her tutor has been fantastic. She has helped my daughter have a better understanding of math as well as English and science.  My youngest started coming this past summer. She absolutely loves her tutor and looks forward to coming each week. She summed it up beautifully by simply saying, “I love success, they make learning fun.”  Armando, Vicky and all the tutors truly care about each student and help them to be the best they can be. Thank you for all of your time, dedication and compassion. You are the best."

Mother of 6th and 4th grade students

"I wanted to give you an update on our life after having worked with Success Tutoring. My son was admitted to a private high school with a scholarship that covers 50% of the tuition, all four years. He graduated with all A's. He applied to and was accepted to the University of San Francisco (his first choice) and was admitted with a tuition grant of $33,000.00.  He is looking forward to graduating debt-free since he has other grants and a work-study grant to cover the rest of the tuition, housing, meal plan and books. I'm very grateful for the time you worked with my son. Our experience with Success Tutoring was very positive.  You were a great resource and helped us on this fantastic journey. Thank you."


Mother of college student

“We are beyond happy with the success tutoring program for our daughter. The staff is warm, friendly and inviting. My daughter's confidence has been boosted immensely since working with her tutor. We are a busy family and I was afraid that we weren't spending enough “reading time” with her. I searched and found the perfect center that works for us as a family. She loves it here and definitely looks forward to the days that she comes. There is no doubt that she will be ready for school this year. You can't put a price on the excitement on her face when she walks through the doors. It is a blessing. Thank you.”


Mother of TK student, age 4

“Vicky and Armando, I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how much my son has enjoyed working with his tutor to improve his reading and comprehension.  She truly has a gift for working with children, specifically working with our son.  He has improved in his reading and is beginning to enjoy it.  The tutor is extremely talented and experienced in this area.  We feel very fortunate to have her work with him. Thank you.”


Mother of 3rd grade student

“My daughter was already starting to hate school in 1st grade.  Her teachers weren't really able to really help her stay interested or grasp what they were teaching.  When she started, her tutor found all the holes and confusions she had in her past schooling and brought her up to grade level.  The tutor was able to restore my daughter’s love of learning!!!  She is excited to go to tutoring and LOVES her tutor!”


Mother of 1st grade student

“Our daughter was not taught the basics of math from elementary school.  After ten hours here, each time she gets into the car she is actually excited about math!  The math she used to hate now makes sense to her and she has an entire new world opened up to her.  “Mom, Math!  Who knew!”  I am so very grateful to Success Tutoring for giving our girl the confidence to conquer math and to gain an understanding, finally, of something that she has never understood.  Thank you!”


Mother of 12th grade student

“My daughter’s tutor is the best teacher that she could have.  She is patient and has the perfect technique to teach a child; without a doubt she knows what she is doing, and is the best.  My child adores her!  She brings out the best in my daughter.  She has progressed a lot, Thank you! ”


Mother of 2nd grade student

“Thank you so very much for all you’ve done to help my son.  There is no way he would be an “A” student and be on the Honor Roll without your help.  He loves your energy and you’ve really helped give him the confidence and the ability needed to succeed!  You’re a miracle worker and we appreciate you so much!”


Mother of 6th grade student

“We are very thankful for your help.  Our son has shown great improvement in his writing skills in a very short period of time.  Success Tutoring and my son’s tutor have been a blessing for his growth.”


Mother of 5th grade student

“I can't say thank you enough to the staff at Success Tutoring. They have helped my son immensely. I don't know what I would have done without them. My son's tutor has been very attentive and has been working hard to make sure that my son feels confident and prepared for class everyday. Vicky and Armando are very gracious and work very hard to make sure that the kids who come in for tutoring get the help that they need. Thank you very much! ”


Mother of 8th grade student

“My daughter has expanded her vocabulary and shown an increase in her reading level in just a few short weeks. She was able to read two fairly advanced words without any help: “confused” and “planetarium”. Her confidence has grown so much and she is reading books she found difficult just a short time ago. We are really impressed with the progress that she is making."


Mother of 1st grade student

“The tutors at Success have helped both of my girls in various subjects over the past two years. My girls look forward to their sessions and come out feeling more confident. I'm so thankful for the caring staff that pairs them with the perfect tutor for their needs, and the caring tutors that have truly helped them succeed.  Thank you!”


Mother of 7th and 5th grade students

“Thank you for your kindness and patience with our son!  He is improving and is more confident.  I appreciate the time and energy you give to help him.  Thank you so much!”


Mother of 1st grade student

“I’m really happy with this program.  My grandson is in first grade.  I can see how his tutor has helped him with reading.  I can see a big improvement.  You are the best.  Thank you!”


Grandmother of 1st grade student

“Thank you for creating an environment of enthusiasm, patience and laughter for our son.  He really enjoys his tutoring days.  We are grateful to have you as his tutor.”


Mother of 2nd grade student

“We so appreciate the care and attention you give to my son.  Your efforts have made a really positive impact on his life.”


Mother of 8th grade student

“Thank you so much for inspiring my son to love writing. Your hard word is so much appreciated!”


Mother of 4th grade student

“My son, a 7th grader, went from getting C’s back to getting A’s.  All thanks to Success Tutoring and his tutor.”


Mother of 7th grade student