(While tutoring during the summer is not quite the same as strolling along a sandy beach, we thought this would be a great background on which to note our summer programs.)


Is your child struggling to get good grades?  If so, summer at Success Tutoring is the solution!


It is never too early to begin thinking about summer.  Summer is the ideal time for students to address any subject or class in which they either had difficulty or would like to advance.  Without the added stress of other classes or daily homework, students can gain an understanding of the material they found challenging during the school year or for a class in which they did not get their desired grade.  It is also a great time to review what was learned during the previous school year so that the students are well prepared for when they begin school again in the fall.


Summer is also the perfect time to help little ones learn to read or to repair any reading difficulty or slow.  


Plus, high school students can do SAT and ACT Prep either on a one-to-one basis or in a small-group setting.  (Most of our group classes are usually no more than four students.)


Below is a list of all the services that we have available during the summer.

Reading development or reading repair - Phonics, word decoding, reading fluency, reading comprehension and vocabulary building.


Math Review / Language Arts Review* (Small group classes. Two one-hour sessions per week, only available for students that completed 3rd through 5th grades, up to four students per class.  Classes available throughout the summer. Students are grouped by grade level. Parents can elect either Burbank’s Common Core Go Math review or non-Common Core math.  All students must take an initial assessment.  Eight weeks of instruction is possible, four week minimum.  The more weeks purchased, the lower the cost per week.)


HSPT Prep - For 8th grade students that want to get into a private high school. Available on a one-to-one basis or through small-group classes.* 


SAT / ACT Prep - For high school students. Available on a one-to-one basis or through small-group classes*.  Group classes consist of 20 hours of instruction (five weeks of instruction including 2 hours per week of English and 2 hours per week of math SAT Prep) for students that have completed Algebra I, II and Geometry.  Students can opt to only address English or math, or to cover both subjects.  There is an additional $25.00 materials fee.

Spanish Review or Advancement - Available on a one-to-one basis or through small-group classes.*  

Other Small Group Workshop Classes - Prior to the beginning of summer we usually add other small group workshop classes if we see the need for one or if requested by parents as long as the required minimum number of students have signed up for it.  Examples of past small group workshop classes have been writing development, essay writing, Algebra 1 prep, Geometry prep, Pre-Calc, and prep for AP Physics.  Call the office (818) 557-7379 for availability and cost for any specialized small group classes.


One-to-One Tutoring - For students of any age and for any academic subject.  Can be done at our tutoring center or can be done online** from the comfort of the student’s home.

Summer Early Bird Special

Thinking about signing up for summer tutoring?  Be sure to take advantage of our Summer Early Bird Special.  Call the office for details.

*Minimum enrollment is required for all small-group classes.  No make-up days for missed group classes. Rates are subject to change without notice.

** Online tutoring is done on a one-to-one basis in which the tutor and student work together on an interactive whiteboard through a program that was developed specifically for tutoring.  This is live, one-to-one tutoring, scheduled with a tutor that is also an experienced teacher.  Our online tutoring does not consist of pre-recorded lessons.