Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

The first step is to call our office to schedule an initial consultation.  An initial consultation usually takes about an hour to an hour and a half. Depending on the student, the age and grade level of the student and the subject or subjects in which the student needs help, the consultation may be shorter or longer than that.


We begin with a questionnaire and a meeting with the parents and the student.  We ask about grades, overall school progress and performance, what the student needs help with and any specific goals or objectives that either the parents or the student would like to achieve through tutoring.  We may also administer one or more proprietary assessments to determine specific areas of difficulty or determine specific areas to address.  Then, all information is provided to the parents with our suggested recommendation for the amount of tutoring needed or the number of times that a student would need to meet with a tutor on a weekly basis.


If the parents decide to proceed with tutoring, a program is created to address the very specific needs of that individual student.  That student’s program may include a review of foundational basics.


Do I need to bring my son or daughter once or twice per week?

The number of times a student should come in to see a tutor will be determined by the need of the student and the overall objective that the student and the parents would like to attain through tutoring.


Can my son or daughter just come by after school or any time they need help?

No.  Our tutoring center does not function as a “drop-in-as-needed” center.  Instead, each student is assigned a tutor and specific tutoring session times are worked out with the parents.  These tutoring session times are for the student to meet with his or her tutor and are scheduled according to the availability of the student and the availability of the tutor. During that scheduled time the tutor gives his or her undivided attention to that individual student he or she is working with.  


Do you help with homework?

We recommend that students complete their homework prior to meeting with their tutor so that the tutor can review it, answer any questions that the student may have and provide any additional instruction to help the student to fully understand the material being studied and/or how it is applied in real life.  Of course, if a student does not understand his or her homework, it can be brought in so that the tutor can help the student to understand it.  What we want to avoid is the student using the tutoring time to get homework done as the entire tutoring session can be absorbed by getting the homework done.  This could result in the tutor not having enough time to provide the necessary lessons or instruction the student may need regarding the subject at hand.


How much does tutoring cost?

While there are tutors, tutoring centers and tutoring services that charge more than us, we know that we are definitely not on the lower end of the price spectrum for tutoring.  We can’t be.  All of our tutors are successful, experienced teachers who have a very high care factor when helping their students.  All of our tutors get results with their students.  We can hold onto all of our tutors because through us, they are paid well for the services they provide.


So, are there less expensive tutoring services around?  Yes, there are.  But if you want the best for your child, Success Tutoring is the place to go.  (See “What Parents Say” for testimonials from parents and “What Students Say” for testimonials from students.)

That said, the larger the package of hours purchased, the lower the cost per hour.  For information on specific tutoring rates, please call our office.  (818) 557-7379


What are the qualifications of your tutors? 

All of our tutors are successful, experienced teachers.  Some have worked at private schools and others have worked at public schools.  Some of our tutors have worked at small, private elementary schools, while others have worked at various colleges and universities.


In addition to standard background checks as required by the State of California, all tutors must go through a very thorough interview process to determine their qualifications.  Tutors not only have to have the academic qualifications and experience in the subjects that they will be tutoring, they also must show that they have an excellent record of helping students gain a better understanding of what they are studying, proven by letters of recommendations from either past students and/or their families or from past supervisors that have personally observed the benefit students have received from working with the tutor prospect.  Additionally, all tutors must pass the “friendly and cheerful” requirement needed to be able to easily work with students and which enables students to feel “at ease” and willing to tackle their academic challenges.

I am an experienced teacher and am interested in doing tutoring for you.  What should I do?

Send your resume to: or call the main office (818) 557-7379 and ask for the Hiring Manager.  Depending on the need for any additional tutors, you may be called in to begin the initial pre-qualifying and interview process.  (See qualification requirements noted above.)