Our Story / About Us

Success Tutoring began in 2001 in Burbank, California as a small tutoring center of only one tutor and one part-time administrator.  It grew slowly, gradually until Armando and Vicky Salcido took over at the end of 2005. From that time forward Success Tutoring has grown in size and scope every year. In their quest to help as many students as possible with their education and to provide the best tutoring possible, Vicky and Armando quickly expanded their team of professional tutors.  By March of 2007 Armando and Vicky had tripled the floor space as well as the number of tutors working for them.  Currently, there are 15 regular in-house tutors that help students of all ages and all academic subjects at our tutoring center in Burbank, CA.


Some of their tutors specialize in phonics, beginner reading skills and basic math concepts for little ones, while other tutors specialize in higher levels of math, science and language arts up to and through college level.  (See "Our Services" page for full list of subjects and services available.)  


As mentioned in the "What Makes Us Different" page on this site, the approach used at Success Tutoring is one of helping students gain a working knowledge of the material they study.  That means that they should be able to think with the material and should be able to actually apply it.  This is different from simply memorizing material for a specific test.  If one really understands something, he or she should be able to use it or apply it in some capacity in real life.


In addition to all of the tutors available at the tutoring center, there are also a growing number of online tutors that can work with students not only from the immediately local area but from anywhere that an internet connection is possible.

"Thank you to the two tutors my daughter has worked with for doing such a wonderful job.  My daughter has been able to do well and be more confident when she tests."

Mother of 11th grade student - What Parents Say

"Thank you for all the hard work you had put into me. I was never strong in math or as confident and you made that possible for me.  And also your jokes are funny. Thank you."

8th grade student, Pre-Algebra - What Students Say